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Chat with elita uncecored

At a 2012 summit, former CIA director David Petraeus essentially admitted that the CIA has a covert online presence that it uses not only for data mining purposes but also to infiltrate online conversations for the purpose of protecting "national security" interests. You can view the actual NSA announcement admitting this here: Then there is the occasional confession by a former employee of the government who fesses up about what is really taking place in secret behind the scenes. When asked for an explanation, the conspiracy website in question simply stopped responding.

Such interests, it turns out, include disrupting conversations that discuss topics like 9/11 truth, for instance, or U. A recent public posting on a "conspiracy theory" forum -- conspiracy websites are typically the most heavily targeted by government officials -- admits that individuals are constantly being recruited and hired by shadowy groups and government-affiliated agencies to manipulate online discussions."Shills exist," writes this anonymous ex-shill following a lengthy explanation of how he was hand-selected to pose as a normal commenter and basically lie on forums and in comment sections. Sources for this article include: FDA-approved Hepatitis B vaccine found to increase heart attack risk by 700% ( HORROR FARMS: Genetically altered pigs to be grown and harvested for human organ transplants ( The six health benefits of turmeric ( Simple protein called "cardiotrophin 1" found to trick the heart into thinking you've exercised like crazy, rapidly expanding heart function and repair ( New study finds that nutrition deficiencies in the womb can affect multiple generations ( GMO scientists just created "doomsday crops" containing RNA fragments that intentionally cause mass infertility ( This site is part of the Natural News Network © 2017 All Rights Reserved.

Att förstå sammanhang och ta del av andra människors liv är alltjämt en stark drivkraft för mig.

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