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It was a mixed group: the British staff, a French writer, and me and Brian, the American study abroad students in France.The writer asked us if we wanted to travel anywhere beyond Paris, and Brian jumped in.

Here are a few things I learned from my experiences and observations: Breaking into a French social circle is almost like melting an iceberg with a little, plastic lighter.1 DRESS TO IMPRESS Expect to see a lot less of Cheryl.I completely overhauled my wardrobe when I married Pascal.“Um,” the writer started, “We don’t talk about that..really..” he said as politely as he could.The Algerian War is a dark part in French history, a decolonization battle that brings up memories of torture and napalm use by the French armies. It seemed the longer we spent in the city of light, the more unspoken rules we learned.

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Shifting your thinking from “the rules”, let’s take a look at how to date comme les françaises. The culture of wondering if he is interested in pursuing a relationship while casually dating (sometimes for months! By the third rendez-vous, it is defined that the couple is together or they are not. Gossip Girl You will never hear a French woman exhausting her girlfriends with complaints about her man.

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