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Thick dating

While a thick market dating site like e Harmony might expose you to lots of potential, but poorly matched dates, a thin market dating site like Farmersonly will give you fewer, but more relevant potential dates.

In thick markets, you have a lot of competition and limited differentiation while in thin markets you have limited or no completion based on product or service differentiation.

The text in the original post below has stood the test of time, and is more relevant today then when it was written.

When it comes to justifying a start up, many business plans tout the size of the overall market, claiming they can capture a share of it with their product or service.

UPDATE JULY, 2017: Since I wrote this original article, over 2 years ago, about thick vs thin markets, the dating site market has taken this lesson to heart.

Back in the summer of 2015, Farmers was principally the only dating site going after a thin market.

Robbie, who is 26 and an 'entrepreneur', shared a picture of the couple on the beach and, in 265 words, told the world how much he loves Sarah's curves.

The stick-thin model look is relatively new, and most men will agree that the fuller figure is still much more desirable.

Mansplaining on Instagram does not make you a male feminist: 'A real woman is not a porn star or a bikini mannequin or a movie character. For me, there is nothing sexier than this woman right here: thick thighs, big booty, cute little side roll, etc.

Her shape and size won't be the one featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan but it's the one featured in my life and in my heart.

Robbie is what you might call a 'nice guy misogynist'. He's nice to his female colleagues, he cherishes his wife and loves his mother and sister.

His bias is tricky to spot - he probably doesn't even realise it exists - the outdated views he holds about women, deep down. That by saying he finds his wife's body shape 'sexy' that somehow solves centuries of sexism. As a teenager, I was often teased by my friends for my attraction to girls on the thicker side, ones who were shorter and curvier, girls that the average (basic) bro might refer to as "chubby" or even "fat." Then, as I became a man and started to educate myself on issues such as feminism and how the media marginalizes women by portraying a very narrow and very specific standard of beauty (thin, tall, lean) I realized how many men have bought into that lie.

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