Updating wiikey firmware

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Does anyone know if having your wii chpped with a wiikey will break it when updating to this firmware? well, there was a bit of difficulties with the new firmware version.:'(I updated my firmware 2 or whatever days ago, and today went and got the Wii Key modchip installed..Is there any other way of updating my Wii like, for example,...I have a Wii with only the physical chip (I formatted it so there's no homebrew anymore).Latest Review Wii Key Wiinja Cyclo Wiz, Wiikey, Wiibuster, Wiip Cyclo Wii modchip.Why You need a Wii Mod-Chip: Modchips typically require some level of technical ability to install. For all those asking how to burn the update/config disc, some can burn the ISO with Img Burn or Nero, that is downloaded from Wiikey official and it will become a 1.35GB disc. I don't have the instructions on how to do that right now, so if someone else can explain?Ive already reported some things that they are looking into atm.

Wii Backups - Now to make backups and copy iso files to DVD-r. As a keyboard you can use Game Cube ASCII key that was released for playing and chatting in Fantasy Star Online or you need a WIICkeyboard adapter that makes any PS/2 pc keyboard and mouse compatible with your new console.

Modification chip or modchip is a device used to play import discs, backup dvd-r/ dvd-rw, or homebrew game roms & emulators and also to circumvent the digital rights management of many game consoles, including the Xbox, Play Station and Nintendo Wii.

Almost all modern console gaming systems have hardware-based schemes which ensure that only officially sanctioned games (whose producers pay licensing fees) may be used with the system and implement country and regional lockout similar to the scheme used in DVD movies.

hi guys, is there a way i can update my firmware without having the wii connected to the internet?

i don't have a cable for it :( i currently have version 2.2E does anyone know how i can update it?

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I have a Wii with only the physical chip (I formatted it so there's no homebrew anymore).