Validating software applications

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Validating software applications

Software validation takes place primarily during the system requirements analysis and design phase.Software validation should be done before you start writing code. Verification if verifying that the product is being assembled correctly, after you have determined what you are supposed to build. The verification is checking that you have all of the parts of the correct sizes to build it, from the right length frame to the correctly sized seat.At Minitab, we conduct extensive internal testing to maintain the highest quality of our software products.We employ rigorous testing methods such as automated regression tests, manual calculations, and comparison with other notable benchmarks to validate proper functionality of the software and numerical accuracy of results." On the other hand, software validation is: "Was X what we should have built? " Building the right product implies creating a Requirements Specification that contains the needs and goals of the stakeholders of the software product.

In general, validation is verifying that the customer wants a bike before you put together a car.Validation is basically done by the testers during the testing. Incidents can also be of type ‘Question’ where the functionality is not clear to the tester.While validating the product if some deviation is found in the actual result from the expected result then a bug is reported or an incident is raised. Hence, validation helps in unfolding the exact functionality of the features and helps the testers to understand the product in much better way. Also Read: What is Verification in Software Testing?Our number one quality objective is to provide results you can trust.Recognizing that many businesses must meet FDA and other regulatory agency requirements by validating software according to their intended use, we provide a Minitab 18 Software Validation Kit to facilitate our customers’ validation efforts.

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But, when same points which were verified on the paper is actually developed then the running application or product can fail while validation.

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